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Chelsey Combs Gerkin

Klearly Chinese Cresteds
Est. 2003

My name is Chelsey Combs Gerkin, and I am located in Indiana. I have been involved showing chinese cresteds for the last 15 years. My cresteds are my pets first and foremost they are well-loved and spoiled rotten. There are no kennels, only pets who sleep in our bed and have the run of the household. They are also show dogs, and we enjoy being at the shows just as much as we do playing at home.


I breed and own dogs with my partners and good friends, Heather Parker and Jessica Riffe. We are firm believers in bettering the breed and breeding healthy chinese cresteds. All of my dogs are CERFed annually. Patellas are normal,  PRA clear by default through Optigen testing, and clear of PLL by default and testing .  Health and health testing are a central part of our foundation here. We feel this is a crucial aspect to any breeding program and we take it very seriously.


We have a very limited breeding program here consisting of a litter bred only when we have a need for something ourselves. Our goal is to breed healthy, happy chinese cresteds that conform to the breed standard. All pets are sold on a spay/neuter contract, no exceptions, and show prospects are sold on contract.


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